Bright city(MOD)模組 v1.7.1 MOD APK (VIP可用)

"Bright City" is a warm and healing idle game.Darkness has enveloped the bright

遊戲名稱 Bright city(MOD)
遊戲大小 53.9MB
最新版本 1.7.1
模組資訊 VIP可用
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"Bright City" is a warm and healing idle game.Darkness has enveloped the bright

"Bright City" is a warm and healing idle game.
Darkness has enveloped the brightest place, and it needs your help to light up the city.
Get power from the lightbulb king, and set off on a journey to find the light.

【Healing with warmth, looking for light】
There are not many things that you need to do, but there are many things that can bring you a sense of accomplishment.
Upgrade the light bulb king to get more energy to unlock buildings and blocks.
Tap the screen to speed up the action of the bright light bulb.

【Light up the city, the city will light up you】
Light bulbs from Superman will help you with the daunting task of lighting up your city.
The already lit areas are grateful for your help and have joined the team to light up the city.

【Meet the King of Light Bulbs】
The lightbulb king rarely shows up unless you really need him.
His power is greater than you might think.

【Unlock surprises in the dark】
There are always places in the city that will surprise you. Is the dark place a romantic and colorful amusement park or a desolate and terrifying abandoned hospital?

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